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Jan. 16th, 2023


Friends Only! Sorry

Sorry, this is Friends Only! Please comment to be added! ^^

Apr. 9th, 2013


Musch Hundmat

Hey! I am writing in english for this, but I wanted to write about Musch BARF diet and dog food. It is what we feed Kuma since I think dogs function best on a BARF diet.
Kuma eats their kött mal-tid. Anyways, I highly recommend it to everyone out there if you are in Sweden!

Apr. 7th, 2011


Writer's Block: Arms wide open

If you had to choose, what couple from TV, cinema, or literature, would you choose as your parents?

Or Dexter.... or Nancy Botwin. Ugh. This was a fun one! How cool to have a dad as a serial killer who kills other serial killers... or a dope dealing mum. OR AN ELF. I CAN SING CHRISTMAS CAROLS ALL DAY AND BUILD TOYS. :DDDDDDDDDD

Dec. 22nd, 2009


Writer's Block: Will You Marry Me?

What’s your idea of the perfect proposal?

I already had my perfect proposal. =D
My fiancé took me to Sjömagasinet which is a really famous fancy restaurant in Sweden. When I thought he would propose to me inside the restaurant, I think he got really nervous and just waited until we left. :P He got on 1 knee, and just said how much he loved me and couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with me! It was so adorable!
Of course we already talked about it before hand and purchased our rings in advance (in Sweden both persons get an engagement ring and it looks more like a traditional wedding band). But I liked the thought of not knowing when he would propose haha! ^^

Aug. 12th, 2009


Writer's Block: Proven by Science

Do you believe everything has a scientific explanation?
Not yet, and I don't think humans will live long enough to explain everything scientifically.

Jul. 29th, 2009


Writer's Block: Cute Meet

Behind every great couple, there's often a great story. What's the best (nonfiction) how-we-met story you've heard?
I think the best story is my own of how I met my fiance. We met on a last.fm forum over the internet in a DotA group. He lived in Sweden and I in the US. One day he messaged me and we started talking about DotA ... then eventually we started playing together... but then I noticed how awesome he was... and that I wish I had known him in real life. Well, little did I know that he felt the same way. In 1 day it will be our 1 year anniversary of confessing our feelings for each other... and how sorta dumb we felt afterwards.
But was I wrong ! It was conpletely worth it! And after months of waiting, we finally were able to meet in person... and here I am in Sweden with him! It was such long months to get here, but completely worth every moment. :)

Apr. 28th, 2009


So... get this!

I feel so productive.
I made an online shop! And it is actually pretty decent. So yes I have joined the lj selling community. ! Woo hooo!! :D


Check it outtt! It is adorables!
I'll be adding more things later on. :)

Nov. 19th, 2008


Writer's Block: Under the Tree

What gifts, big or small, are you hoping to find under the tree this year?

I've already got my present :)
There is nothing else I'm needing now!

Sep. 4th, 2008


Writer's Block: Pleasure Your Mate Month

September is Pleasure Your Mate Month. Tell us: how do you like to pleasure your mate?


(what kind of QUESTION is this? lmfao)

Aug. 29th, 2008


Writer's Block: What You'd Accomplish if Success Was Guaranteed

Knowing beforehand that you wouldn't fail, what would you attempt to do?

This a silly question, honestly. If failure is holding you back from your dreams then you should question your existence. I don't believe in failure, (unless it is blatantly all over my sucky Guitar Hero skillz LOL), because I feel that no matter what happens, if you truly want to do something, you won't fear the "what-if" parts. And even if things don't go according to planned, it's still an amazing trip to get there, and you learned something. So striving for your dreams and what you want is a learning process, and the idea of "failure" shouldn't hold you back, ever. I view "failure" as more of an "opportunity". :)
Then again, if nobody feared the "unknowing" I wonder if people would even risk it and get things done?

Anyways, I feel I can't exactly answer this question the way it was asked. Because I think in all honesty, I'm doing everything I am happy with at this moment. I do wish to travel the world, though I know I can't do that yet, but I will. There is already nothing stopping me from my dream. Because if I truly want to travel the world, I will.
But I would say this... I think I'm a little afraid of maybe writing that novela. And a little afraid of attempting to start that class on how to chill. But I just don't think I'm ready yet, so I've accepted that. If I truly want to, I will. That's that.

Hmmm.................... :)